What We Offer

Welcome to Ever Smile Trekking…our family trekking company
in Kalaw, Southern Shan State!

Details about all of our treks can be found below.While trekking with us you will have the opportunity to see beautiful, diverse landscapes and meet incredible, warm local communities. We at Ever Smile have had a long relationship with the communities in which we stay which allows you to have an even happier and more unique experience!

Here is what we offer:
*3 Days and 2 Nights Trek
*2 Days and 1 Night Trek
*Day Treks around Kalaw

*Our Popular 3 Days and 2 Nights Trek: Kalaw to Inle Lake

Day 1: 6 hours trekking
We leave around 8:30am
Trek for 3 hours to the lunch point, located on the mountain, with Nepali style food.
In the afternoon, we will walk for 3 more hours. After walking for an hour, we will see our first village call Hin Kha Kone (tribe- Palaung) before seeing 2 more villages called Myin Dike and Ywa Pu (tribe-Danu).
We will arrive at Ywa Pu village around 5pm to spend the first night in a simple farm house.
We will have dinner (traditional Burmese food) at 7 pm

Day 2: 7 hours trekking
Traditional breakfast at 7:30
We walk though 5 villages,we’ll have tea break, lunch break, peanuts break 🙂
At about 5 or 6 pm, we arrive at the village where will spend the second night with a different tribe.

Day 3: 4 hours trekking
Today we will see villages, a school and after 4 hours of walking we will arrive at the lake.
At the lake we will have lunch.
After lunch we will take a boat cross Inlay Lake – this proves very popular with trekkers as you get to spend around an hour and half on the boat where you will see  floating houses, floating garden and traditional fishermen etc…
We will then arrive NYAUNG SHWE by about 3pm, our final destination point.
60-65 km trekking in  3 days. 


*2 Days and 1 Night Trek: Kalaw to Inle

It is possible to do a two days trek to Inlay.
We start the same time as 3 days,but we will take a taxi for part of the first day. Then we will follow the same itinerary as the 3 day trek.

We have to take taxi to a small village for 40 mins.
We walk for 3 hours to lunch point,and walk 3 more hours to the village where we
sleep in very traditional farm house.
The next day we will walk 4 hours, we’ll get a lunch village at lake, after having lunch  we have to take a boat taxi around 1 hour and half,we’ll pass Floating Garden,Floating villages, traditional fishermen and other beautiful sights on the lake.
The trek ends in Nyaung Shwe town.
30 to 35 km, in 2 days.


*Day Treks around the mountains of Kalaw

Ever Smile offers a wide range of day hikes varying in difficulty depending on your needs.

View Point
-4 hours walking
-We travel past 2 Palaung villages on the way there through the mountains, tea plantations…trekking is up and down.
-Lunch at Nepali restaurant at the viewpoint around 12-1pm.
-After lunch we return back to Kalaw through the mountains, about 2 ½ hours walking time.
We have a 2nd option to walk back to Kalaw through the jungle, which takes about 3 hours.
21 Kilometers round trip

Myint Ka
-Take taxi from Kalaw for 15 minutes.
-Arrive in village (????) and walking for 2 and half hour to Pein Ne Pinn village. Here we will visit the local villagers houses. We will take our lunch in Pein Ne Pinn village.
-Walking another 2 hours and see village, Myint Ka, another tribe (Danu village). Here the car is waiting to take us back to Kalaw

18 kilometers

Myin Ma Hti (Buddhist Caves)
-walking 4 hours
-We will pass 2 different villages. In this trek we see more beautiful scenery but less villagers.
-We arrive at Myin Ma Hti cave for lunch. We can see the Buddha inside the cave.
-Walking back to Kalaw through the pine forest for 2 and half hours.

22 Kilometers round trip

Please understand that the landscape and scenery between Kalaw and Inle Lake are very diverse and change dramatically between seasons. During the wet season
(May-October) the landscape is lush, wet and green.
However, during the hot, dry and cool season, (November-April)
the landscape is more dry and brown.